Journalists, Activists & Academics

Christoph May

Reasearcher on masculinity, consultant and lecturer. Together with the writer Stephanie May he founded the Men’s Studies Institute. He gives seminars on Male MonoculturesMale Fantasies and Critical Masculinity:

Susanne Kaiser

Writer and Speaker, with a focus on “Political Masculinity”: because masculinity is no longer the norm and men have been losing their privileges the authoritarian backlash we are witnessing is male. The book will soon be available in English: Politische Männlichkeit – Wie Incels, Fundamentalisten und Autoritäre für das Patriarchat mobil machen

Veronika Kracher

Journalist based in Frankfurt. Her main topics are the relationship of right-winged ideologies, masculinity and antifeminism, the alt-right, and, most notably, the “incel” subculture”. @verokracher

Heidi Süß

Just finished her PhD on masculinities in the German rap scene. She researches, writes and lectures about gender/masculinity roles and sexism in rap music:


Feminist Doctors Association of doctors and students of human medicine who advocate equality for all genders within medicine and the health system. We define feminism intersectionally and see its necessity also in the medical context: @feministische.medizinerinnen &

Nina Schmulius

Writer, lecturer & founder of 7479c, a startup that tackles climate crisis and unfair labour conditions. Besides that she works as a writer and teaches storytelling at the UAS Bern & Grisons. She is part of the Impact Hub Berlin and engages for human rights at Fian:

Laura Vorsatz

Podcast host of Feminismus mit Vorsatz where she tells about her own travel through feminism (failures included). Studied culture and communication science, lives in Berlin and works in a centre for entrepreneurship: @feminismusmitvorsatz

Rick Reuther

Lives in Vienna, where he is doing critical boys and men’s work for poika. His interests are research, activism and performance.

Siân Birkner

Gender Studies student, blogger, fangirl and longtime pop culture consumer. Engages with masculinities, femininity and superheroes on

Sophie Kramer

Studied social work (B.A.) at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. She wrote her thesis on “Boys don’t cry? – Masculinities in crisis” and commits herself to intersectional feminism.

Carolin Wiedemann

Journalist, sociologist and author of Zart und frei – Vom Sturz des Patriarchats. She writes for FAZ, Missy Magazine and analyse&kritik on questions about criticism and emancipation:

Christian Gesellmann

Journalist working for independent magazine Krautreporter. He is trying to detox himself and his profession from the masculinity bs: @gesellmann

Cesy Leonard

Artist, activist and systemic coach. She is the co-founder of Radikale Töchter and together with three artists, she has led the artists’ group Zentrum für Politische Schönheit. She is mother of two children and lives in Berlin.

Susanne Wosnitzka

Musicologist specialized in women’s music history and lesbian history. Doctorate student. Freelancer for e.g. the Archiv Frau und Musik and in the managing board of musica femina münchen:

Eve D’Obier

Editor of the intersectional feminist Mantis Magazine. The focus is to give a platform to all marginalized voices:


Blogger & Activist. Seriously wonders where all the pro_feminist men are when it comes to debates on gender. Thus decided to start a blog on critical masculinity:

Lukas Fuchsgruber

Doctor of Art History from Berlin. Lukas works on the social and economical reality of art, in particular in the 19th and 20th century and for a better tomorrow: @feedgruber

Jochen König

Author and blogger from Berlin. He writes about diversity of families and genders, afternoons on the playground, about failure and overwork, masculinity and sex:

Heiner Fischer

Social worker, consultant and lecturer. In circles of consultation, he accompanies fathers on their way to active fatherhood. Heiner gives seminars and workshops for organizations, authorities and companies: @vaterwelten &

David Sternchen

Studied social pedagogy (B.A.) and social theories (M.A.). Focus on domestic violence, couple/family counseling, men work, social science and subculture (Hip Hop). Works in Thuringia at Project A4.

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