Pros Before Bros

Christoph May

Toxicologist. Founder and creator of Detox Masculinity Network and Hetox Magazine. He gives lectures and workshops on critical masculinity:

Susanne Scheerer & Jan Bathel

Both systemic strategist consultants drive gender diversity, female empowerment and social transformation through leadership and culture change programs with Empathic Organization and Grace.

Lisa Neupert

Art historian and teacher from Essen. Researches, publishes and lectures at the interface of cultural studies, gender studies and visual systems.

Sebastian Tippe

Is a gender-sensitive graduate pedagogue, feminist and boy care worker. He writes on gender issues, produces feminist radio plays and advises on child endangerment.

Sophie Kramer

Studied social work (B.A.) at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. She wrote her thesis on “Boys don’t cry? – Masculinities in crisis” and commits herself to intersectional feminism.

Susanne Wosnitzka

Musicologist specialized in women’s music history and lesbian history. Doctorate student. Freelancer for e.g. the Archiv Frau und Musik and in the managing board of musica femina münchen:

Marius Reisener

Is doing his doctorate on masculinity in 19th Century theories of the novel (Berlin/Ithaca). He is interested in politics, society and US-American TV Shows.

Bilke Schnibbe

Psychologist and author based in Berlin. Bilke writes and talks about sexualized violence, masculinity and (critical) psychotherapy from a feminist perspective:

Jochen König

Author and blogger from Berlin. He writes about diversity of families and genders, afternoons on the playground, about failure and overwork, masculinity and sex:


Socialwork* with experience in youth aid and Gender Studies student. Interest in diverse/critical masculinities, self-reflection, power relations and pop culture.

David Sternchen

Studied social pedagogy (B.A.) and social theories (M.A.). Focus on domestic violence, couple/family counseling, men work, social science and subculture (Hip Hop). Works in Thuringia.

Lukas Fuchsgruber

Graduated art historian from Berlin. Works on the social and economical reality of art, in particular in the 19th and 20th century and for a better tomorrow. Twitter: @feedgruber

Siân Birkner

Gender Studies student, blogger, fangirl and longtime pop culture consumer. Engages with masculinities, femininity and superheroes on

Heimathafen Herz

She studies law and is the administrator of the facebook group Critical Masculinity. Further she works in a voluntary capacity for Zero Waste Kiel e.V.

Rick Reuther

Rick Reuther was born in Hamburg, studied in Berlin and now lives in Vienna. He works for poika in critical youth and men’s work, is doing research, activism and performance. Twitter: @wasserdanke


Blogger & Activist. Seriously wonders where all the pro_feminist men are when it comes to debates on gender. Thus decided to start a blog on critical masculinity:

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